Highly likely to recommend.

Sold a home in 2009 in Oak Creek, Irvine, CA.

Lily is extremely dedicated to her work. She was my short sale agent. And I had a complicated file because there were three liens on my condo; first mortgage, HELOC, and HOA. She spent countless hours on the phone negotiating for me. She was able to settle the first mortgage at 60%, HELOC at 20% and HOA fee at 50%. Even the escrow agent was impressed with her negotiation skills. Because there were three liens to negotiate and each was difficult, my file was one of the longest files the escrow company has ever seen. Lily updated me on the progress of the file regularly, which was very important to me. And All of my loans were settled without a penny from my own pocket. Both loans were “Settled in Full”. Lily is amazing! My condo would have foreclosed if it weren’t for Lily’s help.