Highly likely to recommend

Bought a Single Family home in 2021 in Tustin, CA.

First a huge thank you to Lily for helping us go through this transition in this challenging time! My husband and I were exploring areas near Orange County where we would like to live for the next 10 years. Lily helped my mom in 2017 purchase her home in LA, we trust her knowledge and expertise, so we asked her to work with us this time.

This April, Lily asked us about our budget, preference, and areas we prefer to live around OC. We know it will be super difficult to find a good one at this moment as housing marketing is at its peak, she was able to find us numerous homes within our criteria in the next few weeks.

We end up picking the one in Tustin with a big yard, we have 3 dogs, this is one of our key requirements. We are lucky enough to purchase this home without any competition and pricing games because the one’s lily showed us are off the market. Her resource and negotiation are invaluable to get us the deal! We are super grateful for what she helped us with, I couldn‘t list them all here but for someone who knows nothing about real estate, loans, paperwork, I would highly recommend lily, she will help you with everything!

Here are a few reasons why she is good:

1. Caring, kind, super easy to work with.

2. availability on the weekends and in the evenings, quick responder.

3. Extremely patient, open to any dumb questions.

4. resourceful and abundant connections in the housing market.

5. She is super relatable, understands what you need but thinks outside the box.

6. Efficient and hard working.