Highly likely to recommend.

Bought a Single Family home in 2019 in Northwood Point, Irvine, CA.

Professional, dedicated, passionate! This is my review for Lily.

I moved to Irvine in June 2019 from Beijing. Everything is new and unfamiliar to me. My friend recommended Lily. I told Lily my house requirements. She showed me many houses and explained the pros and cons of each house. All of my questions were answered one by one. With Lily’s help, I found my dream house within 10 days and signed the purchase agreement, and obtained loan pre-approval. After 3 months of construction and a smooth escrow process, I moved into my new house without delay. I especially want to thank Lily. My review for Lily is in 3 areas.

1. Highly professional: not only did she help me find the house. She negotiated the best deal with the builder. At the same time, she introduced one of the best lenders with the best interest rate. I’m extremely satisfied!

2. Experience with local culture and life: My English is very limited. As a new immigrant, I have many logistics matters to set up in terms of school for my kids, where to buy furniture and daily essentials. I faced many challenges non-related to the house transaction. Every time I tell Lily about my challenges, she always helped me solve my problems. I exclaimed to Lily: “You are so resourceful and know it all.”

3. Passionate attitude: During my 4 months in the U.S, no matter what time I reach her, she always timely responded back to me. One time, I sent her an emergency message at midnight, she responded right away.

Not only is Lily a highly experienced and professional real estate agent, but she is also more like my good friend who accompanied me through the most difficult time of coming to the U.S.